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Vernacare macerator and ancillary products

Infection prevention

K2 Medical is the sole supplier of Vernacare pulp disposable products in South Africa. These products form an integral part of what we call ‘The Sluice Room Solution’ providing a one-stop shop from Vernacare Macerators, pulp disposable products, Wall mounted racks, and pulp supports. The system as a whole has a big impact on infection prevention by reducing the risk of patient – to – patient cross contamination.

Vernacare Macerator

The Vernacare Macerator/ Pulp disposal unit has been designed and manufactured for simplicity and ease of use, while minimising the risk of cross contamination. It advances infection prevention in hospitals around the globe and takes hygienic single-use pulp disposal into a new era:

  • Improved infection prevention features combined with ease of use and fast cycle times
  • Innovative new features ensure even greater levels of infection control.
  • Unique anti-bacterial deodorizer
  • Hands-free lid opening.
  • Overload protection function
  • Angled rotating twin cutter blades
  • Blockage prevention, cleaner drum
  • Reduced risk of infection and a cleaner sluice room environment
  • Innovation in sluice room efficiency

The Vernacare Vortex incorporates pioneering design and has been manufactured for maximum efficiency by Vernacare, who are the global leaders in medical pulping technology. The innovative hands-free opening mechanism and unique twin bladed process means the Vernacare Vortex is the preferred pulp disposal unit.


Vernagel is a super absorbent powder, which prevents spillages and leaks by solidifying liquids. Vernagel is designed specifically to cope with bodily fluids – trapping them in a dry, semi solid gel that is convenient and easy to dispose of. This also means that patients are saved the embarrassment and indignity, which often follows an accidental spill.


The Vernachair is a superbly versatile piece of equipment allowing easy patient use and enhanced comfort. The chair comes apart to increase cleaning compliance and to help increase the opportunities of infection prevention.

Tuffie 5

Tuffie 5 the SKIN SAFE cleaning and disinfecting wipe which eradicates all major pathogen groups including Clostridium difficile, MRSA, Mycobacterium terrae, Candida albicans, Norovirus. These wipes are impregnated with a low level biocide for the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment and non-invasive medical devices. Wipes are large, strong and easy to use.

Vernacare Macerator Deodoriser

The new Vernacare macerator deodoriser is a concentrated deodorising liquid with antibacterial properties against pathogens providing a refreshing lemon fragrance to the sluice room environment.