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Van Straten Medical Autologous Blood Reinfusion System

Safe Reinfusion

K2 Medical is the sole supplier of the VSM DONOR™ blood reinfusion system in South Africa. This system allows the drainage, collection, and reinfusion of the patients own blood post orthopaedic surgery, providing the collection container together with an administration set and in-line Pall LipiGuard VS filter.

VSM DONOR™ Blood Reinfusion System

DONOR™ is a premium device for post-operative drainage, collection, filtration and reinfusion of patient’s own blood, after orthopaedic surgery. DONOR™ is used post-operatively after total knee, total hip, revisions and spinal surgery.

  • Patient’s own blood
  • Unique low vacuum technology
  • Optimal wound healing
  • Second to none blood filter technology
  • Blood purification
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Clinical papers
  • Less infections
  • Less hospital stay