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Mölnlycke procedure Packs and trays

Procedure specific

Custom procedure packs and trays include all single-use medical devices needed for a specific surgical procedure. Mölnlycke health care custom procedure trays provide a full service solution that combines procedure specific products, ensuring the highest safety, delivery and logistic options coupled with on-going support and training. Together, these elements create cumulative proven time, effort and cost efficiencies.

Mölnlycke custom procedure trays are assembled to contain all the single-use components required for a particular surgical intervention. Replacing a large number of individually packaged items Mölnlycke procedure trays can generate significant savings in time and costs for both major and minor surgical procedures. Preparation time for surgical procedures can be cut by more than half compared to traditional preparation of the operating theatre1.

Molnlycke Healthcare has a selection of more than 5,000 components from leading suppliers, making it easy to tailor trays to your exact needs.

All components and packaging conform to the strictest standards, ensuring patient and staff safety.

Mölnlycke custom procedure trays have been shown to generate shorter patient turnaround time and result in less staff overtime with significant waste reductions and decreased wastage as picking errors are kept to a minimum2