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Medline Surgical Hair Clippers and Blades

Precision clipping

Clinical trials and peer-reviewed studies confirm that surgical site infection rates are significantly reduced with pre-surgical clipping instead of a traditional razor shave1 Medline surgical hair clippers and blades are not only a safe, effective alternative to shaving, they are now clinically preferred for pre-surgical hair removal.

Medline's surgical hair clippers and blades are a safe tool preferred by clinicians for convenient and safe hair removal prior to surgery.

The exclusive ergonomic design means greater comfort for the user, and the patient. Unlike other leading clippers, Medline surgical hair clippers can be used with the wrist in a neutral position. The blade positioning maintains integrity of avoiding patient skin-to-blade contact. In addition, Medline surgical hair clippers feature the exclusive hands-off blade release. The smooth contours of the clipper allow for quick and easy clean-up (rinse under warm water, wipe dry, clean with disinfectant wipe).

The Medline surgical hair clippers disposable blades can be used in wet or dry conditions. The multi-purpose blades work great with both fine or coarse body hair, and only one blade is needed per procedure (blade does not dull with coarse body hair).

The exclusive hands-off blade release enables users to dispose of blades without contact to the soiled blade. The Medline surgical hair clippers include a charging base, which can be mounted on a wall for storage convenience. The charging technology eliminates the need for metal contact points, better enabling a clean storage environment. A full charge allows for over 60 minutes of continuous use, with no over-charging or battery memory loss.

1. Kjonniksen I, Anderson BM, Sodenaa VG. Preoperative hair removal – a systematic literature review, AORN J 2002(75);5:928-40