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Controlling incontinence

A number of treatment and management options are available for patients with stress urinary incontinence and Vesicoureteral reflux. Bulkamid Urethral Bulking Agent has become an important option for patients requesting minimally invasive treatments.

The injection procedure is normally performed under local anesthesia or alternatively in the operating theatre and involves three small deposits of Bulkamid hydrogel being injected into the wall of the urethra to improve the closing mechanism.

Bulkamid is a homogenous hydrophilic gel consisting of 2.5% polyacrylamide and 97.5% water, which allows in growth and proliferation of blood vessels originating from the periurethral tissue.
Published data has shown that Bulkamid maintains its size and shape years after implantation 1 providing durability to 3 years in the treatment of VUR2 and 7 years in stress urinary incontinence (SUI) 3.

Bulkmid has been used in clinical practice for over 10 years in the treatment of SUI, treating over 80,000 in 25 countries, with no long-term complications reported 4.

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