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BD IV Catheters

Advanced care

The proprietary technologies in BD IV catheters and infusion therapy are designed with advanced features to help clinicians provide the best patient care and improve clinical outcomes. These technologies are focused on minimising the number of insertions and unnecessary IV interventions per patient, enabling a better patient experience. The majority of the range is available in safety and non-safety options as well as ported and non-ported configurations.

The following IV Cannula products are available in the portfolio:

BD Insyte™ without wings

BD lnsyte™ is a thin-walled straight catheter with a high flow rate manufactured from BD Vialon ™ providing good kink resistance and recovery to ensure optimum flow rates. The strength of BD ViaIon™ makes it possible to manufacture a catheter with a finer, stronger, more reliable tip, giving it excellent penetration characteristics.

BD Insyte™ Autoguard without wings

BD lnsyte™ Autoguard™ shielded IV catheters are designed to give you the satisfaction that comes from getting a successful first stick. BD lnsyte™ Autoguard™ has a patented safety mechanism activation that holds the needle unit in the extended position until the user activates the mechanism. Pressing the push-button releases the spring so that the needle/flashback chamber retracts into the safety barrel providing a safe and proven method of reducing needlestick injuries.

BD Venflon TM - Peripheral IV Catheter with Injection Port

BD Venflon™ intravenous catheters have an integrated injection port and valve for peripheral catheterisation, permitting needle-free administration of bolus medications during infusion. The back-cut needle bevel and tapered end of the PTFE catheter allow easier insertion and minimises the risks of vein damage.

BD Venflon™ Pro - Peripheral IV Catheter with Injection Port

BD VenflonTM Pro has an improved design in comparison to the first generation Venflon. The improved injection port cap ensures easy opening and secure closing, while avoiding touch contamination of the injection port. BD VenflonTM Pro is manufactured from BD Vialon TM, which make it possible to provide a catheter with a better tapered, stronger, and more reliable tip geometry. This improves the success of a first cannulation attempt and also reduces the risk of thrombophlebitis.

BD Venflon™ Pro Safety - Peripheral Safety IV Catheter with Injection Port

BD Venflon™ Pro Safety needle-protected IV Cannula combines all the advantages of the original BD Venflon™ Pro, with second-generation safety protection features against needlestick injuries.

BD Neoflon™

BD Neoflon™ 24G and 26G PTFE catheters are specially designed for the puncture of small fragile vessels, frequently encountered in paediatrics or elderly patients. The unique design of the detachable wing holder makes the catheter easier to hold despite its small size. The flexible wings facilitate secure fixation, even on the hand or arm of the neonate, without the need to immobilize the limb, while at the same time reducing the risk of mechanical phlebitis.

BD Arterial Cannula with Floswitch

BD Arterial Catheters are designed for insertion into peripheral arteries for the determination of blood gas estimations or monitoring blood pressure. BD Arterial Catheters have “Venflon-like” insertion characteristics and wings to facilitate fixation. The Floswitch on/off device prevents back-flow, reducing the risk of air emboli and potential contamination of hospital staff by exposure to blood.