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BD Injection Systems

Targeted Solutions

BD offers a variety of needles & syringes for injections to meet various clinical needs.

BD Microlance Needles

The BD MicrolanceTM range of needles & syringes allow for easy penetration, smooth gliding during insertion/withdrawal and a reduction in cannula friction due to the three bevel precision grinding of the needle bevel, a targeted needle surface polishing process and proprietary needle lubrication process.

The needles have thin-wall technology, permitting the use of thinner needles with larger lumens increasing flow rates during injection and collection.

BD MicrolanceTM needles can be connected to a Luer slip or Luer lock connector and the colour coding complies with the ISO standards.

Recommended uses: intradermal, sub-cutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injections and aspiration.

BD’s syringe portfolio includes 2 and 3 piece syringes as well as speciality syringes.

BD Discardit™ II 2-piece syringes

BD Discardit™ II - 2-piece syringes have transparent barrels for good visualization of the syringe contents, a smooth plunger movement reducing the sliding force. They are compliant with ISO 7886-1, ensuring they are leak-tight. In addition, they have a retaining ring to prevent accidental plunger rod withdrawal and are ergonomically designed for single-handed operation.

BD Plastipak™ 3 part syringes

BD Plastipak™ 3 part syringes are available in Luer lock and Luer slip options. They are completely latex free and have a special silicone lubricant that ensures a smooth and even movement of the plunger. Like the Discardit Range they also have a retaining ring to prevent accidental plunger rod withdrawal.

BD Plastipak™ low dose syringes

The BD Plastipak™ syringes are also available in 1ml low-dose options with or without an attached needle. 1 ml syringes make it easier to accurately measure a small dose than a large capacity syringe. The compact “syringe-plus needle” unit provides all the benefits of a BD Plastipak™ syringe and a BD Microlance™ needle at the same time.

BD Large Size Syringes

BD large size syringes are leak-tight ensuring a secure connection. The eccentric tip allows for low-angle administration and aspiration and reduces dead space when using large capacity syringes.

The Luer lock variants are particularly suitable for automatic infusion equipment like syringe drivers and have been approved for use by leading manufacturers.

The catheter tip options allow a probe or other tubing to be attached, while the 50 ml amber syringes provide guaranteed protection of photosensitive drugs.

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