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BD anaesthesia Systems

Focused Precision

BD Medical has produced regional anaesthesia products for most of their 100-year history. BD spinal needles offer a full range of Whitacre (pencil point) and Quincke spinal needles for regional anaesthesia

BD Whitacre (Pencil Point) Spinal Needles

BD Whitacre (pencil point) needles are manufactured with proprietary needle tipping, side-port and unique low-glare hub technologies. The tip is designed to spread the dural fibres and help reduce the occurrence of post dural puncture headache.1
The thin wall design is intended for improved visualisation of CSF and the pencil point provides better “tip strength“ to minimise bending or breakage The precision-formed side hole allows / facilitates directional flow of anaesthetic agents while allowing easy visualisation of CSF through a translucent hub.

BD Quincke Spinal Needles

BD Quincke spinal needles have a key/slot arrangement of the stylet and cannula hub, which facilitates the alignment of the stylet and bevel. The translucent window hub facilitates visualisation of CSF and the fitted stylet design reduces tissue coring.

1 Vallejo MC, Mandell GL, Sabo DP, Ramanathan S (2000): Postdural puncture headache: a randomized comparison of five spinal needles in obstetric patients. Anesth Analg. 91(4):916-20