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Areas of Expertise

Infusion therapy

Infusion Therapy

K2 Medical has worked in partnership with Becton & Dickinson for more than 20 years.

BD’s proprietary technologies in IV catheters and infusion therapy are designed with advanced features to help clinicians provide the best patient care and improve clinical outcomes.

These technologies are focused on minimising the number of insertions and unnecessary IV interventions per patient, enabling a better patient experience. The majority of the range is available in safety and non-safety options as well as ported and non-ported configurations.

The following IV Cannula products are available in the portfolio:

  • Insyste
  • Insyte Autoguard
  • Venflon
  • Venflon Pro
  • Venflon Pro Safety
  • Neoflon
  • Arterial Cannula

K2 Medical is the sole supplier of Pall intravenous fluid filters in South Africa. These filters prevent the passage of particles, such as glass, cotton, rubber and precipitates, microbes, Endotoxin, oversized lipid droplets and air during infusion therapy of both clear fluids and TPN. We provide filters for use in neonatal, paediatric and adult patients.

The following IV Filters are available in the portfolio.

  • Nanodyne™ ELD96 clear fluid filter
  • Nanodyne™ NEO96 neonatal clear fluid filter
  • Pall Supor® AEF filter
  • Pall Lipipor™ NLF2 Filter for TPN
  • Pall Lipipor TNA1E
  • Pall Lipipor TNA2E filter for parenteral nutrition